Technistone Noble Concrete Grey


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Final price depends on the size and volume of the project.

Additional information

Surface finish

Matt, Polished


12mm, 20mm, 30mm





Standard dimensions

3185mm x 1550mm

Weight per m2

30kg, 55kg, 80kg

Application area

Bathroom, Kitchen, Wall, Window sill (indoors)


10 years (indoors)


Easy maintenance and cleaning


Company or client


Supplied by the company or client

Technistone® materials consists of high-quality natural raw materials (quartz and granite), glass and mirror fractions and a small amount of colour pigments. Everything is mixed using high-quality polyester resin as a binder and machined into highly durable slabs. Thanks to carefully selected raw material and original Breton production technology, Technistone® products achieve excellent properties, especially high strength and compactness. Clients especially appreciate that Technistone® countertops are easy to maintain. Their top surface is non-porous, very hygienic and scratch-resistant. An extensive range of colours and patterns offers plenty of options for combining engineered stone with the rest of the interior.

Advantages of the material

  • The quality and accuracy of processing meets European standards
  • Original Brenton production technology developed in Italy
  • The colour shades of the tiles are given in a fine graduated scale
  • Colour uniformity, pattern throughout the depth of the tile
  • Over 90% natural ingredients
  • Use of recycled materials for selected products
  • Use of seamless connection plates for perfect line patterns
  • Compact material without pores
  • Harmless (no health hazard)
  • Certification and tests according to European and USA standards


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